Listed on this page are our Terms of Business

We are not a live in house sitting service, we are merely keeping an eye on your home so you don’t have to keep relying on neighbours giving you peace of mind so you can enjoy your trip away knowing your home will have that looked after feeling. We do not permanently stay at your home and are not a pet sitting agency (although we can feed your cats, gerbils rabbits, mice and fish if required) Instead we will visit your home as often as you want to perform the requested tasks.

We ask that customers pay upfront for the services that have been agreed on the client form.

Payment due 14 days before departure

For most of our services we charge a fixed rate per home visit and then an additional charge for each service. (See ‘Services’ on website)

Daily Charges

Daily Rate to visit your home £15 one visit a day £25 two visits a day.
Longer term second home contracts attract discounts of up to 20% on daily visit charges.

Additional charges to house checking

  • Lawn mowing £10 -20 depending on the size of your lawn, Gardening is arranged with a Gardener who will have his/her hourly rate
  • Light hoovering and dusting £5 half an hour and £10 for one hour
  • Feeding small pets £5 per daily visit
  • Collecting parcels and post £5 per pick up
  • Shopping for your return £10 (plus cost of shopping for which an invoice will be submitted with the receipt)

Services required such as a Plumber, Electrician or any other Maintenance firms will be charged directly from their company to you, prices will be discussed with you prior to any emergency work being undertaken.